Takagi, Mariko: 

Hanzi Graphy A typographic translation between Latin letters and Chinese characters.


This book is gently leads us into the world of typography and characte_formation, without sacrificing substance.
We are shown how scripts have envolved, how characters are structured and shaped, how individual strokes contibute to the overall silhouette of a character and how stroke order can affect visual balance. We are shown exquisite character classification systems that only a typographical designer and scholar versed in both Latin and Sino-Japanes scripts could have created: this is Mariko Takagi. (Text book cover)

MCCM Creations, 2014, 9789881521866 Hardcover. Spine of linen. / New. 223 p., 155x220mm., color illustrated, 32,00 €


Art.Nr.: [204163]

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